what’s in your bag? (back to school edition)

by classy messy

Sophie’s Back to School

Having a huge bag is necessary when you have class all day from 9:oo-5:oo. I always go for something cheap because you’re banging it around everywhere. (Last year I used a Longchamp and it didn’t last long…what a tragedy…) The daily planner is my bible. Having a cute larger sized laptop case helps to make all your files and notebooks in one area making it easy to get to and stylish at the same time.

I always, always, always have a bar of chocolate and sweet flavored gum to help me get through the day. Small body splash to refresh yourself once in awhile. Miami gets hot so I never forget it!

Being a Theatre Design major reading plays and writing snippets are a daily ritual. It’s something about the magic of theatre that fascinates me. The language and design and movement is something completely out of this ordinary reality.